The Boyfriend Jacket.

A make of light weight brocade, this jacket is perfect for those fridays when you absolutely don’t want to dress up for work but need to look formal anyway. Just throw this over a cami and a pair of skinnies and you are set for a day at office followed by a few rounds at the bar. xx

Designed and Styled by: Juilee Narkar.

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Shopping for fabric at London’s Shepherd’s Bush

When you go to high street shops or designer boutiques, don’t you ever wonder how the garments start out and how did they get there - as you stand there fascinated, admiring the stunning fashion garments?

When l go to an Asian boutiques theres normally a large selection of loose fabric and ready made beautiful clothing, salwaar kameez or anarkalis. I wonder the journey that piece took from being designed and created in Pakistan or India and sold in the UK.

With my Asian background, I’ve always been fascinated by the fabrics, designs and cultural fashion not just in Indian and Pakistan but all over the world. Having been born and brought up in the UK, l prefer a mix of western fabrics (primarily used by western designers such as, Valentino & Cavalli) and Asian designs e.g. long kurtas with buttons and collars which I’ve seen at India Fashion Week.

As most of you know Asians tend to buy fabrics and tailor the clothes as they wish, unlike western world who can only buy ready made. Unless they want to spend £100’s on fabric and British tailoring. As a result of my passion of fashion and love experimenting with fabric l decided to share my fashion fabric shopping adventure with you. 

As you all know l like to keep my Asian fashion blog exciting, unique and fresh (Asian accent) by having varied aspects of western and eastern fashion. 

A good friend and Sid told me about Shepherd’s Bush Market but l never had the chance to visit due to working life. This Easter Sid and me made last minute plans and had to drive down.

The market is a short stretch with a mix of jewellery, fabric, haberdashery, clothes and home wear - l’ll be honest didn’t look promising at first. The fabric stalls were too Asian for me and when l say that l mean traditional boring dull linen style fabric. Even me with an imagination couldn’t picture anything that made me think WOW. It may be someone else’s style but just not for me. The market was fantastic for haberdashery and experiencing different cultural fashion in London e.g. they had  wonderful African dress stall.

When l think of WOW l think of garments at Lakme, Milan and London Fashion Week. A fusion of western and eastern fashion at its best - the high fashion designer ore and I wasn’t seeing it so far.

Then we reached the end of the market and Sid told me we needed to walk down a bit, where l could see a few fabric shops and they looked more promising from some of the window displays (see above images). 

My favourite had to be some floral l’d seen with reminded me of Ted Baker at Bicester Village. My ultimate fav was the expensive Italian silks at £20 a meter (image 4 & 5). I was shocked to see a silk version of my birthday River Island floral chiffon jackety thing. 

The another shop had silk chiffon fabrics that would look great at dupatta (image 4) cream and black patterned fabric.

They even had genuine leather pieces and special patterned artificial leather that I’ve seen sleeves of cardigans and jackets.

I felt like a big kid in a candy shop :) Next time your in London and you have sometime to spare or passing through you should experience the fantastic fabric on offer. I’ll be back in there next week, l want that silk fabric in image 4 - if they still have it :S

The Cocktail Paithani.

This saree strikes a perfect balance between contemporary and traditional craftsmanship. A make of pure georgette brocade, the beige background complements the purple peacock motifs on the hand woven Paithani border. This beautiful piece of work is suitable to be worn on both, a formal occasion or at a cocktail party.

Designed and Styled by: Juilee Narkar.

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The “Angrakha”- A make of pure cotton, this garment is block printed with Indian motif. The elegant kurta is in dual colour of coffee and mango. Finished with a delicately detailed golden border, this chic piece of work is apt for any occasion.

Designed and Styled by: Juilee Narkar.

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